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People Who Lead the future of Ocean

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    • Company: Application software developer, developer and supplier of application software, such as application software for ocean weather and ocean observation equipmentscomputernent manufacturing, and wholesale distribution of electronic and machinery components

      Product: P-Counter More

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    • Company: ZLS is now offering quick delivery of Calibrated Screw Burris Gravity Meters for a limited time only. Discounts available for multiple orders and for educational institutions.

      Product: Marine Gravity Meter More

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    • Company: A New Zealand based company specialising in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for underwater research and fisheries catch sampling.

      Product: Hydro wiper More

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    • Company: Provides turnkey survey solutions to customers undertaking a variety of tasks for military, commercial and scientific applications.

      Product: AUV; GAVIA Defence, Scientific More

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    • Company: An industry leader, designs and manufactures rugged, reliable oceanographic instrumentation and sensor solutions for marine environments.

      Product: Underwater Acoustic Moden, Acoustic Release; ATM series, R series More

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    • Company: The manufacturer of a totally passive, cost effective sonar reflector

      Product: SonarBell More

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    • Company: Designs and manufactures imaging sonars that deliver the clearest, most detailed video images in their class.

      Product: Dual Frequency Identification Sonar; DIDSON More

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    • Company: Produce the VTOL, MAG Drone.

      Product: Vertical TakeOff and Landing,MAG Drone More

    • Company: The industry leader in diver navigation and acoustic relocation.

      Product: Pinger/Transponder; ULB-300 series More

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    • Company: Providing unparalleled excellence in the design and construction of high quality oceanographic imaging systems for both shallow and deep water applications.

      Product: Digital Still Camera More

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    • Company: Exists to design, manufacture, sell, and service acoustic current meters of the differential travel-time type.

      Product: MARVS More

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    • Company: The manufacturer of reciprocating compressors for onshore and offshore applications supplies several industries, including oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical.

      Product: Seismic Air power system; BlueSAPS series (Oil free) More

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    • Company: Providing oceanographic scientists and engineers with mooring design services, and supplying of ocean moorings and instrumentation deployment platforms.

      Product: Sediment Coreing system More

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