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People Who Lead the future of Ocean


The People responsible for the Future of Ocean

Since it's established in Aug 1st 1997, Oceantech has supplied meteorological and Ocean equipments to government agencies, laboratory, company and university and offered differentiated service while providing operation training, customer service, maintenance service.

The key asset of Oceantech is 'people'.
With reliable engineer and research manpower who have extensive hands-on experience in ocean, weather, environment, electron, information and communication and trade, we've provided total solution for optimal oceanographical observation to meet customer satisfaction, based on more than 20 years of field experience.

We've established institute in 2006 to develop equipments suitable for coasts in Korea and build up system to make best use of them.
Based on superior technical skills and accumulated experience, we will supply advanced technology and high-tech maritime equipment while keeping up with rapidly changing environment in the 21st century and make best efforts to create new future value by preserving invaluable marine environment.

Daniel S.D. Hong CEO Oceantech Co., Ltd.